Audit Support

A first-time audit can be a painful experience for a privately held company.  We can help.  We know what auditors are looking for.  We know how to put the right information in the right package, with a bow on it.  We do “audit speak”.  We can help make your audit efficient and painless.  We fully come alongside you and serve as your consultant, helper and advocate.

When an exit (an IPO or an acquisition) is within sight for a later stage startup company, its Board of Directors often requires the company to undergo a financial statement audit from one of the “Big 4” public accounting firms and hire an in-house CFO to get the company ready for the anticipated IPO or acquisition.  When such a company hires an in-house CFO, that person will typically have in one of two backgrounds: (i) the new CFO may be from Wall Street, and his or her connections with investment banks will be valuable in the case of an IPO; or (ii) he or she will have strong operational skills, which will help the company maximize profitability.  What the new CFO typically will not be is a CPA with a background in financial statement audit.  Marpé can provide that skill set, on an outsourced basis, to support the CFO and company through the audit.

Glenn Ballard, CPA is the leader of the audit support practice.  Glenn has been practicing corporate finance and accounting since 1995.  Glenn has 11 years of experience with “Big 4” accounting firms, with most of those years spent in Silicon Valley.  Glenn was first licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in 1998, and he continues to hold an active CPA license in both California and Georgia.  Glenn knows “audit speak”.