The world of mergers & acquisitions is filled with sad stories of acquisition targets not getting the value they desired, or even altogether missing the window of opportunity to be acquired, because of accounting problems.  M&A transactions involve high stakes and often are highly pressured and fast paced.  Having your books in order, as well as being on your toes during the transaction, typically are requirements.  We provide support services for M&A transactions in several ways. 

For the seller, we help with information required in response to the due diligence list of the buyer.   We can prepare GAAP financial statements.  We can prepare pro-forma financial statements – as if in the hands of the buyer.  We can provide a quality-of-earnings report.  We can review the acquisition agreement and provide expert advice regarding the financial aspects of the transaction, such as earn-outs and tax consequences.  We have the experience, expertise and sharpness of intellect to be nimble and on our toes and step up to unexpected challenges that tend to be part and parcel of M&A transactions.  All of this together means we can support sellers and help them get the valuation they desire in the acquisition.

For buyers, we can help with the financial due diligence.

Glenn Ballard, CPA is the leader of the M&A support practice.  Glenn has been practicing corporate finance and accounting since 1995.  Glenn has 11 years of experience with “Big 4” accounting firms.  During that time, he worked on many M&A transactions, on both the buy side and the sell side.