Steve Walker is one of those rare individuals who could be tremendously successful at anything he wanted to do.  He could be a high powered attorney in a big law firm.  He could be the CEO of a global 100 corporation.  He could excel at many, many different things.  He really is that smart and talented.  Any CEO would be thrilled to have Steve on his or her team.

Steve has a law degree (Juris Doctor) from the University of California, Davis, as well as a bachelor’s degree in philosophy.  Steve is currently pursuing a Master’s of Accounting degree on a part-time basis.  An avid learner, Steve possesses more than 6,000 books in his personal library.  (None of his friends will help him move anymore.)

Steve has pursued various entrepreneurial ventures over the course of his career, including founding a real estate brokerage business, which serves large California property developers.   He serves on the Board of Directors of two nonprofit organizations that help families adopt needy children.  (Steve and his wife have six children, including three adopted ones.)  Steve taught LSAT prep classes to make ends meet when he was in law school.  He was well qualified to do so, as he landed a perfect score on the LSAT. 

In high school, Steve was valedictorian of his class (of course), and he was a star on the track team.  He clocked a 1 min, 54 sec time in the half-mile and a 4 min, 20 sec time in the mile.  (Wow!)  He also competed at the college level on the track team at the University of California, Davis (NCAA Division I-A!)  That’s where he met his wife.  She was on the women’s track team.  They met when Steve was under the bleachers throwing up one day after an especially grueling workout.  (Yes, the man has a way with women.)

In addition to his many other talents, Steve is an accomplished pianist, and he has a beautiful singing voice. He could make a living performing in any bar or restaurant in Los Angeles or New York. (Seriously.)

These days, Steve is the leader of Marpé’s tax practice, much to the delight of Marpé’s team and clients.